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Key to problem-free boat movement involves a certain amount of preparation by the owner prior to loading.

When being transported by road you boat will experience wind and possibly driving rain conditions that it would not normally encounter, so it is very important that all hatches and rooflights are absolutely watertight - tape edges if necessary.

Equally important is exposed canvas. Canvas left to flap in the increased wind brought about by higher road speeds is liable to flap excessively and tear.

Please review the points on this page and ensure, where possible, that all requirements have been met prior to collection.

  • Remove all loose items
  • Remove all Valuables
  • Secure any moveable objects or remove if possible
  • Inspect cabin area and ensure all locker doors are securely shut
  • Ensure all hatches & roof lights are closed and watertight
  • Tape covers over any exposed electronics/displays
  • Remove all canvas covers and store inside boat
  • Drain all water from bilge
  • Drain all water/waste storage
  • Disconnect Batteries and tie leads off
  • Ensure fuel level is minimal
  • Remove any tender from davits and secure on deck

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